Childcare programs and individuals are prepared for all hazards 

and children remain safe until reunited with their families.


Our mission is to keep children safe by preparing childcare programs and individuals 

to face and recover from disaster.  


Focus. Our goal is to help make/keep children safe. They are the future and our number one priority.

Commitment. We dedicate assets, time, and resources to the safety of children. 

Integrity. We remain true to our mission and are honest stewards of donor support.

About Us

BLOCKS' believes children are the future and tries to improve the odds they come home after disaster

Who We Are

We believe that children are the future. We focus on our emergency management training to help provide childcare providers and the children they care for with the best chance we can, to get through, and recover from, disaster.

Awards and Recognition


Children under the age of 6 spend an average of 35 hours a week in childcare

Why We Care

Children are among the most vulnerable populations to disaster. At the same time, children have incredible resiliency powers. We can teach them how to stay safe and help others too.

Children under the age of 6 spend an average of 35 hours a week in some sort of childcare arrangement. We need to consider the real possibility that our children will not be at home with us when disaster strikes. Childcare providers (including the nanny or the babysitter) may be the first responder. We owe it to them to train them to be able to succeed in that role.

Finally, childcare is "critical infrastructure." Communities don't recover from disaster if parents can't go back to work. If childcare doesn't recover, the community will be impacted. We want to increase the odds that childcare recovers from  disaster. When they do, everyone wins.

We want to increase the odds that childcare recovers from  disaster. When they do, everyone wins

What We Do

We provide a variety of programs designed to meet our goal of keeping children safe.  Some of the things we do include....

  • Provide disaster preparedness workshops to children and their parents
  • Train and provide childcare providers with resources so they are better prepared for disaster
  • Teach children what to do "just in case"
  • Engage with business continuity and  emergency management communities to help include childcare needs in disaster planning and recovery efforts

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