Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety

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Making A Difference

National Childcare Disaster Readiness Certification

National Childcare Disaster Readiness Certification

We offer a three-tier childcare disaster readiness certification program that better prepares childcare for disaster.

Earthquake Safety Training for Children

Earthquake safety training for children - campaign early prepare

Campaign Early Prepare: 

Designed to teach earthquake safety training to children in childcare. 

I'm Ready So's Teddy Preparedness Campaign

I'm Ready - So's Teddy Disaster preparedness workshop and campaign

We provide disaster preparedness workshops for children and parents and teach children what to do "just in case."

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Training for Childcare Providers

Scare-D Cat or Prepare-D Cat - emergency and disaster preparedness training  for childcare providers

We provide training, like our "Scare-D Cat or Prepare-D Cat" workshops  for childcare providers. Our training helps  translate 'requirements' into 'readiness.'

Tools and Resources for Childcare Providers

Bridging the gap between emergency managers and childcare providers

We provide emergency preparedness resources for childcare providers and help translate emergency management concepts into actions. 

Public Awareness & Business / Emergency Management Sector Engagement

public awareness and business continuity & emergency management sector education and coordination

We engage with the business continuity &  emergency management communities. We also conduct public awareness campaigns in local communities.