Disaster Preparedness Training for Childcare Providers

Disaster Preparedness

The first class in our toolbox is the Scare-D Cat or Prepare-D Cat workshop. This workshop is designed to help childcare providers lear how to bring paper emergency plans to ‘life.’ Taught be a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), this workshop helps translate the "emergency management" language into one childcare providers are familiar with and can relate to.

Some of the concepts discussed in this class include:

  • State expectations for disaster preparedness
  • What an emergency operations plan is
  • What to train yourself, your staff, and your children on
  • How to test your communications
  • How to coordinate with your local office or department of emergency management
  • How to conduct meaningful drills
  • How to make parents part of the solution
  • The need to do continuity planning

Most recently we provided a previous edition of this workshop (Be a Zombie or be Prepared for Zombies) at:

  • 2018 Parent Child Preschool Organization (Beaverton, Oregon)
  • 2018 Florida Family Child Care Home Association  (Clearwater Beach, Florida) 

If you would like to have us present this workshop at your conference or to your providers, please email us at contact@blocksusa.org. Honorariums are appreciated to help defray travel and operational expenses.

Giving childcare providers the tools they need to be prepared for disaster is our mission. Let us know how we can help.