What We Do

How we save the world - what BLOCKS is doing to help prepared childcare and kids

National Childcare Disaster Readiness Certification

Our National Childcare Disaster Readiness Certification program incorporates state childcare disaster preparedness requirements, the recommendations of the 2010 National Commission on Children and Disaster, and the requirements of the Childcare Development and Block Grant Act of 2014. We will work with you to help you be better prepared.

Campaign Early Prepare (Earthquake Training for Children)

We provide earthquake safety training to childcare programs (at your childcare location) through story, song, and earthquake drill practice. We provide an earthquake training story book (Tummy Rumble Quake) for all childcare that participate. 

I'm Ready So's Teddy (Disaster Preparedness Campaign)

We provide disaster preparedness workshops for children and parents and teach children what to do "just in case." Children have fun designing their own individually stenciled 'ready bag' pillow case to take home and learn a little bit about what to do to be better prepared. 

Childcare Provider Training (Scare-D Cat or Prepare-D Cat)

We provide emergency preparedness training to childcare providers, nannies, or babysitters that want to be prepared. Our Scare-D Cat or Prepare-D Cat train helps "operationalize" emergency operations plans and teach providers how to be ready. Click the "learn more here" button  to learn more about this or other trainings we offer.

Connecting Emergency Management and Childcare

We help bridge the gap between emergency management and childcare by providing resources that integration options that merge both 'cultures.' Some of the items we provide include:

  • EOPS
  • Fact Sheets
  • Resources and Materials

Public Awareness Campaigns and Business/Emergency Community Engagement

We speak directly to emergency managers and business continuity providers about the importance of planning for childcare preparation and recovery in their own plans. We also attend various community preparedness and awareness events to help advocate for childcare readiness and let parents know how they can work with childcare to better prepare them. Click below for moreinformation on the events we attend, or how to engage us for your event.